Why LifeBidder ?

Healthy Success for you and your people is why Lifebidder.com  exists.

Relational health is key to personal and professional success.  Any given set of          relationships is affected by the basic functional level of the participants and by the tension or anxiety present in the relationship. Whether in a school, corporate, or family setting, LifeBidder services address the relational health of individuals.  By raising the functionality of relationships, individuals are given opportunity to succeed.

Individual  and corporate health-care expenses are rising rapidly, and access to services is becoming increasingly difficult.  Additionally, the stress of poor health on family relationships and business-place profitability continues to exact ever-higher losses.

Medical Self-Care is an approach which produces improved healing from illness and injury, helps prevent minor problems from becoming a major illness,  directly reduces the cost of most episodes of illness, and reduces over-dependence on physician care.

Most persons feel some sense of being powerless or helpless in the context of visiting a physician or hospital.  We easily become a “victim” of our illness or injury, and of the system that is meant to help us

By taking control of one’s own healthcare management and by increasing one’s own actions of self-care,  our sense of “powerlessness” is minimized.  We have a higher capacity to participate in the decisions about our health, and outcomes are optimized.  Costs are reduced,  reliance on doctors and pharmacists is reduced,  the availability of services in the community is improved, and a healthier personal or professional life is achieved.

Healthy success is what Lifebidder.com is all about; and to that end I put my resources (see Services tab) as a registered nurse, teacher, and public speaker within your reach.

Marty Wenger, R.N.


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