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East of the Narrows is a short story in the genre of mythical fable, able to capture the attention of children and adults alike. It tells again the ages-old and always positive values of learning to love and cooperate with others, dealing with one’s own selfish-hearted-ness, and reaching out to make things better for others at one’s own risk or expense.  Of course it includes drama, suspense, a supernatural event or two, and a small cast of characters among whom most folks can find someone they could identify.

It’s been a long time since I received the dream that developed into a story now known as East of the Narrows.  As we aim for the e-book version to be released by the end of July, here’s a note on current progress and issues, copied from the East of the Narrows Facebook page.


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“All work on the manuscript has been done on Corel WordPerfect. That software is not what I need for creating the electronic version to publish on Amazon. I will also be working with my laptop computer while we travel the entire month of July, and the laptop does not have Corel.

I was going to convert the manuscript to RTF format and move it to the laptop, but there is a glitch in the old computer that does not allow me to convert existing WordPerfect documents to RTF. A late-night computer-fixing with a complete re-installation of the Corel software did not fix the problem. However– I could reformat to PDF!

Due to the fact that I don’t have time to network my XP tower and my Windows 7 laptop, the manuscript is now in a PDF file stored on my SD card which can be plugged into the laptop, where I can copy & paste from PDF to MS Word, and then re-work the layout and add a few illustrations.

Gotta love the illustrator as he finds the where-withal to draw while in the midst of packing and moving and still picking up music gigs where he can.

We are on track and on schedule!”

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