Walking; not falling.

Falling down is one of the most serious threats to the health and longevity of older folks.  In hospital we go to great lengths to prevent falls because we want good outcomes for our patients.

On the other end of the age spectrum, we know that falling down is part of the process of learning to walk.  So we try to make the falling non-injurious while at the same time letting the little one keep trying.

Here’s a bit from some old notes I wrote nearly 17 years ago:

“The infant son took his first walk today, around the kitchen table and onward to my easy chair.  His slow sure steps were keeping up to the over-turned laundry basket on which he was leaning.  It persistently slid away every time he leaned on it, and then he took another two steps to catch up to it.  Process repeated over and over again; and here he came with joy all over his face.

Maybe we’re all just trying to keep from falling flat on our faces.  We walk; not in spite of but because of that thing which seemingly tries to keep making us fall.”

What in your life is an overturned laundry basket that keeps sliding away just as you lean on it?    Can you see in your mind a way to cease your lament about that, and accept that it is causing you to walk and get stronger?  Just like my son learned to not lean on the basket but rather to balance on his own, we too can learn to walk free.

We don’t need to waste energy despising the thing which tries to make us fall.  Just keep moving, keep trying, keep learning, and when you walk free of it be thankful for the strength that was gained in the process.Ahhh

2 thoughts on “Walking; not falling.

  1. Sometimes in groups of people who have known enormous struggle in life, trying to come to grips with the fact that psychiatric illness has left them wounded in many ways, I talk about the process of learning to walk, a process all of us went through before we were “wise” enough to know not to try again, and again, and again till success occurs. The basic question to ponder is this, “What would I pursue with the same tenacity if I were certain I would succeed eventually.”

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