Summer Vacation and Book Publication!

It’s hard to keep up on a blog when one is residing in a 100-year-old cabin on the side of a mountain in Virgina with no in-house internet.   We do have running (cold) water.  The large plastic storage bin doubles a bath-tub.  Water’s not too cold when you add a big pot of boiling water from the stove.

Relationships are what this week is about.  To some degree I am a privileged observer of many complex relationships around me, to some degree I navigate a personal involvement.  This is challenging but oh-so-worth-it!

Highlights for me are not the same as highlights for others, so I’ll not speak of them too much.  But I will say this:  the events that finalized on Monday have irrevokably altered the course of history on this mountain for an entire clan!  That in itself is worth being present to witness.

And if you think the mountain ahead of you is too rocky to climb, or your footwear inadequate, or your joints too old; just remember this saying from my biking days:

“Don’t believe anything your legs tell you in the first hour.”

The climb is worth it.


In other news,  we are on track for publishing of East of the Narrows in Kindle format next week.  If you are interested in a FREE copy of this fantastic book for late-elementary and Jr-High children, subscribe to this blog with your email.

You have my word that I will never sell my email list nor otherwise compromise your privacy.  Email addresses which I collect are solely for communication between me and you, which will at times be about things which I am doing for profit, as well as things that are perhaps of interest to you.  I will not use my email list to market third-party products for my own profit, nor will I ever knowingly send you any spam. I have enlisted sufficient security filters and high-quality passphrases to prevent unauthorized use of this website.

Thanks to all for your readership and supportive commentary!   I look forward to many conversations arising from East of the Narrows and the principles which entwine the story.  You can see more about the book here:

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    • Ilva- persons of my extended family completed their purchase of a small farm, just up the hill and immediately across the road from our cabin. To have that land become part of our family’s milieu will surely bring changes and opportunities which we cannot currently predict!

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