Speachless to tears.

Among other things, I do love travel, people, adventures, beauty, good food, and unique pottery.  I don’t know if any of my readers have taken a “flag profile”.  (You can check it out here:  http://www.laughyourway.com/what-motivates-you/      This is not an affiliate link and I have no financial connection to the site.)  But anyway, I am from the “Land of Perfect” and have adopted the “Land of Fun”.   And because of that I am going to recommend to all of you this one thing:

Schedule yourself to attend the Friday afternoon recitation for Choral Camp at Rosedale Bible College.   Even if you are 2000 miles away.  Just do it.

It occurs annually on the second and third Friday of July at 2:00PM.  It won’t make any difference which one you attend. (Unless you’ve got a kid in the camp.)  It will be excellent!  This little musical event has to be one of America’s best kept secrets; a true gem in the musical world!

Here’s the deal:  The staff to camper ratio is almost 1:1.  No misprint.  I doubt there’s another camp in the country that can boast that ratio.  The music teachers are all college-educated pros in their own right.  The counselors and support staff are always positive and dedicated to making the camp an all-out highlight for each and every camper.  And the music from the children on Friday afternoon is almost beyond belief.

Kids from grades two through eight arrive on Monday morning.  About 125 of them.  2/3 may have been there in previous years.  1/3 of them are totally new to the experience.  None of them have seen the music scores prior to the week of camp.   For many  (I think MOST) of them this camp is the only formal choral music setting in their experiences all year.  Four and one-half days later they present a musical expression which is a credit to the world of the arts.

To see my son reading the score, following the conductor, and making music in such a quality environment was truly a joy.  To see my daughter fill the role of joyful support staff was to witness her maturing as a young woman.                                                                To hear those children sing was salve to my hurting heart; and moved me to tears of thanks.

I’d drive another 2000 miles to stand in the back of that chapel crying again.


2 thoughts on “Speachless to tears.

  1. I would have loved to have seen Pierce performing and heard his voice and to have just been there…and to have seen Clara ( I love that name) in and out and about… I’m sure that was a gift to you beyond words…

    There was more to this than you can even say…

  2. Wish I could have visited with you and Diane more last week. It was very fun to see Pierce and Clara enjoying themselves so much the few times I saw them in the midst of their hectic schedules!

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