Medical Self-Care, Advanced. Survival Care when a doctor isn’t available.

A 2-day Intensive head-to-toe review of body systems, why things work, common “malfunctions” and injuries, and how to enact first-line assessments and treatments in out-of-hospital settings.  Designed for persons with no medical background, but it also will not insult your knowledge base if you have the background.

More than First Aid!  Includes definitive splinting techniques, aseptic techniques and prevention of infection, advanced wound care including animal bites and scratches, basic wound closures with hands-on suturing practice,  prenatal care, basic childbirth and stabilization of the newborn, optimizing nutrition to prevent disease, recognition and treatment of common electrolyte imbalances, AND MORE!

This is a unique package of information and interactive learning that you won’t find elsewhere, but it does come with an official disclaimer:  The content of this 2-day course is not designed nor intended to replace the care of a licensed medical provider.  It is simply informational so that participants can be empowered to further their health in situations where they are unable to access medical care, or to enact earliest-possible interventions until such time as they are able to access a licensed medical provider. Participants agree that the content is for informational purposes; and agree that the participant is solely and completely responsible for any uses they may make of the information.

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