Quiet Retreat

Sometimes what a body & soul needs is simply some quiet time and simple space.

I like to call the place I live “Three Waters Farm”.  It is a simple and semi-wild sort of place, with 30 acres wrapped around a cove on Lake Hudson in north-eastern Oklahoma.  Whether you wish to swim in the cove with cool mud squishing between your toes, seek catfish, bass, or crappie in the waters of the lake, or just sit and watch the wind, water, and trees; come and let the land and its Maker speak to you.   Take a walk and ponder the fossils found all around the cove. Let the Oklahoma breezes blow through your hair, and let the hurried pace pass on by for a while.

We are not located entirely away from the rest of the world; this is not isolation, but it is a place where ancient fossils and natural beauty abound and a family is ready to receive you into our care for a few days.  Accommodations are spartan and clean.  “The Studio” is just north of the house, through the pasture gate beneath the pecan trees. It has electricity and heat, and is within connective distance for WiFi. Running water and modern bathroom facilities are located a short walk away through the back entrance to the main house. While guests are here, it is not a shared bathroom.

For even greater privacy, rustic camping is available at the southeastern tip of Three Waters Farm, by the lake.  Facilities are primitive, potable water is tanked to the site from a public utility water supply.  You may bring a tent, or your RV.  Motor vehicle access to this site is limited during or immediately following wet weather.  Walk-in access is available year-round except during rainy periods of Spring or early Summer when lake flooding bisects the acreage as water in the cove rises.

We provide two meals per day, and unlimited firewood. (Summer burning restrictions may apply.)  You may take your meals with the family in the main house, or have your meals served privately; your choice.  As much as possible our food is real, whole, and simple.  Breads are from grain we grind fresh here. Milk is Oklahoma-produced, from cows free of rBGH.  We do our best to avoid factory meats with exceptions made for uncured hotdogs (join us for a lakeside hotdog roast if you wish) and nitrate-free sausage which we are not yet in a position to produce for ourselves.  If you have special dietary needs, let us know and we will do our best to work it out to your satisfaction.

Retreat fees: $99 per day for one person, $129 per day for a married couple.

Reserve a time with a $25 non-refundable deposit.

Discount: 10%  for pre-payment in full.

Cancellations: any time up to 3 days prior to scheduled arrival will be refunded in full except for the $25 deposit fee.  Cancellations within 3 days of scheduled arrival will be given a rain-check certificate good for 18 months but no cash refund will be made.  If for some unforeseeable reason LifeBidder needs to cancel your visit, you will be offered your choice of  a complete refund including the deposit, a re-scheduling of your visit with an additional 10% discount, or a rain-check good for 18 months along with a refund of 10% of anything you’ve paid.

Arrival and departure times are entirely flexible; a billable “day” is any 24-hour time frame.   If you have a transportation problem, ie: car breaks down or airline delays a flight, just call and we will mutually work something out.  In other words, if circumstances beyond your control cause a delay in your arrival, please don’t stress about loosing your paid-for retreat.  This is about peace and relaxation, not stress!

If you are flying into or out of Tulsa International Airport we will happily save you the cost of renting a car and pick you up with our personal 6-door Cadillac; you may contribute toward gasoline but there is no additional fee for airport transportation.

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