Anti-Bullying School Services

Here’s the bottom line:  Bullying is nothing more than a complete breakdown of respect.

As a child in school I knew all about bullying– on the receiving end.  Some of the effects took the form of battles I didn’t win until middle age.  We all know the sadness which attends our women and girls who are coerced and disrespected.  The sadness in the hearts of our boys and men is less easily identified, but no less damaging.

By the time I was in High School I’d learned to navigate the full social spectrum in the school environment.  As a successful adult who survived a less-than-optimal Elementary and Jr-High school situation, I bring a message of encouragement and admonition to school groups.  This message focuses specifically on respect for individuals and for gender differences.  It is fine-tuned to fit the age-group, from late elementary to high school.

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