REcovery from vacation

This will be short.

We not only survived, but had really great visits with our people.  It’s been tough;  I’ve been slightly ill with a persistent cough for the entire trip.  I miss my bed.  My dog ate my best hat. (Ecuador straw, fedora, thirty years old…)  And I thought I could do this trip,  and   finish packing out the north-woods house, and  publish my book.

There’s still a mountain of work to do at the up-north house, but we’ll make it.

East of the Narrows  was uploaded to Amazon today for Kindle publication!

If you don’t own a Kindle that’s ok.  You can download a free Kindle reader app from Amazon so you’ll be ready for the book.  I’ll post links when it comes online in the Kindle store (should be tomorrow)  and I’ll definitely let folks know when the Kindle “Free Days” come around later on.  Meanwhile, thumbs up for all the subscribers who had a pre-released copy emailed to them today.

cover Picture revised

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