Reason and Disagreement

The card came addressed to “_________ or Current Resident”  so I went to the event.  Event?– Town Hall meeting with the Congressman for our geographical district.  Whether you voted for him or not, he represents those who reside here.

In the pouring-down rain for which we are very grateful (a good pond-fillling soaker!) it would have been much more comfortable to stay home.  I am glad I had good boots and a hat:  I remained relatively dry wading into the meeting hall.

I was glad I went.  Here was a young man with a drive and a passion to do something good for our country.  He waded through the same shoe-soaking rain-waters as the rest of us, and he encouraged every one who believes things need to improve to get up and DO SOMETHING about it.   Don’t just be a spectator and recipient:  be a participant.

School Yard Play

Last week my children went back to school in their usual fashion after a day off for Martin Luther King Jr’s holiday.  Our only worry was who had a cold and needed to stay home and who was well enough to go to school.   Meanwhile, in a neighboring school district our Congressman’s children were returning to their elementary school not in the usual fashion.

Because their daddy was doing his job in a far-away city near the East Coast, and someone had acted in a decidedly un-civil fashion in response to one of his voting decisions, our Congressman’s children went to school not on the bus.  They and their mother were escorted by law enforcement into school.  Mom was given all the local and FBI reports on the safety and risk assessments that had been done.  And then she left her children at the school.  And she and her husband need to find their way forward in a menacing society, where “civil disagreement” is no longer simply handled by reasoned and respectful discourse but instead is accompanied by threats against the ones most dear.

Why does one person’s lack of peace and civility have to carry a threat to my neighbor’s wife and children?  Why has un-civil and disrespectful behavior replaced reasoned discourse?  These things are poisonous to the soul, and in as much as ills of the soul present as physical ailments it is no wonder our doctor-offices and ER waiting rooms are packed to overflowing.

We are sick because we let respect, honor, and compassion become secondary or tertiary values.  The concept of loving our neighbor as our self has been cast on the refuse heap, cast away as an out-dated fashion instead of held dearly as the life-giving value it is.


I bid you to engage Life to its fullest.  Uphold and develop the values of loving one’s neighbor and teach our children by example, conducting our “battles” in a civil fashion.

A Meeting of Reason


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