Living in a small town

In his book We Are All Treaty People:  Prairie Essays, Peter Epp writes about learning to live well in a small town over a long period of time.

I think my 18-yr-old son has accomplished this.

Last night he got a ride home from a friend.  He left his little Nissan truck in town, because the tailights were not working and he didn’t wan’t to have troubles after dark.

You see, he’d been pulled over by the state highway patrol for this problem last year.  Appearently our repairs to chassis wiring were not fully effective in the long term.  Two nights ago he was again stopped for the lights being out, on the same road in exactly the same spot, less than two miles from home.  Trooper ______ said a cheery Hello, here’s your warning, go home and get it fixed.

And because my son has truly learned to live well in a small community, his friend who came to our house at 7:00 AM today to give him a ride to the National Honor Society meeting was none other than the daughter of the trooper who stopped him for the non-functional-taillight issue on his truck.

Good relationships serve us all, in a good way.

Pay attention to your connections and how you maintain them.  Tonight the taillights are functioning again.

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