Important vs Necessary

To any regular reader, I again owe the apology for weeks of silence.  Behind this is the reason for the title of this post.

You see, none of this thing we call “family life” is happening  without the funds to pay for it all, nor without the transportation to get to school or work.  And precisely those things have been highly demanding of my time.  The steering column needs repairs on the Fleetwood and it can’t even start without it.  The VW doesn’t run at all– needs the engine head rebuilt.  The little truck has temperature issues that point to a head rebuild too, but it still gets us around locally, and the van just got some new tires…  no need to belabor the list.  Everyone’s got one.  And the struggle is to navigate the immediate and necessary while being true to the important.

My difficulty is manifest in the days when necessary and important seem incompatible and irreconcilable.

I reviewed my list of Important Things (see the archives for January 2013),  Admittedly, the past few weeks seem to be more full of the necessary and doing little about the important.  Can I give myself some grace in this?  Children are among the important things, and a lot of the recent necessary has to do with creating good life for my children.  So maybe these things are not irreconcilable, but they sure do detract from each other sometimes.  What about music?  I create none.  What about clean water for every one in the world?  I’m doing nothing about it.  I’ve planted no parsley, and my last, most precious (an irreplaceable last root-stock of a rare color mutation) raspberry died.  And I am so exhausted with a weekly night-shift thrown into the mix that my drive to apply myself to home-building tasks is entering the “endangered species” category.

But really, things are not hopeless.  If Diana Nyad can swim from Cuba to Florida at age 64 on her 5th attempt,   it gives hope that you and I can also do hard things.  I will not give up on navigating a way in the fullness of life.  I will not sit idle, nor spin my wheels in old comfortable ruts.  I will move forward to learn new things, heal old wounds, love more deeply, and leave the world a better place than I found it.

What does you journey look like?  What are you doing about the stuff in your “Important” list?

A Leap at Big Falls



2 thoughts on “Important vs Necessary

  1. Are there rocks down below the water line???? I can’t stand to look at that picture for thinking of the danger!!! 🙂

    Marty.. I do not have any answers for you… sounds a bit overwhelming to me..

    • Ilva- At that particular spot the water is deep. But on that day very swift. See that gap between the rocks in the middle of the picture? Straight down from the boy’s out-stretched hand? That gap is the top of a waterfall. You have to swim the current just right to come around to safety on the lee-side of the rock from which you launch. We almost lost one that day…

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