Good-Bye and Hello

Even when the old favorite blanky is tattered, and stained with jelly, snot, and tears; it’s still hard to let it go. But eventually we do. My old “security blanket” in the nursing profession, always “home base” for so many years, so portable and useful for earning my family’s bread & butter— has been the ER. It’s a rather well-worn blanket by this time, and the heart-breaking events and uncontrollable onslaught of misery have taken an ever-accumulating toll on my heart these many years.

Tomorrow I start my last weekend of ER nursing.  Sunday evening will mark the end of my days as an ER nurse; and the end of my days as a traveling / agency nurse.  So long ER; some days friend and some days the destroyer of my sanity;  goodbye to 12-hour nights and shifts from Hades.  I’ve learned so much, and I am forever thankful for the wonderful people I’ve met along the way.

Next week begins a new era in quality management with Utica Park Clinic.  A wonderful job opportunity has simply “dropped into my lap”. Everything I’ve learned in two vocations over the past 20+ years has prepared me for this; and for the first time in my life I had to literally restrain myself from laughing with glee and delight in the middle of an interview– the job described was exactly what I’ve been longing to do.  So begins a multi-year committment to some meaningful work that will let me be at home for supper every evening, available for all my children’s evening school programs, and free all weekends and holidays. (not to mention a few other perks that go with a M-F, 8-5 regular sort of job.) There will be a lot to learn, and it is truly exciting to be in on the ground level of a newly-developing branch of Clinic care in Oklahoma.

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    • “Quality Management” and patient-care coordination within the Utica Park Clinic system. I’ll be part of a team of RNs working under the medical chief-of-staff to design and implement new models of care and communication for complex patients. Considering that clinic systems require doctors to see more patients (and have less time with them) while there is ever less tolerance for people missing things, and considering that reimbursement will be “outcome based” while numbers are driven higher… Someone needs to figure out some improved efficiencies to reduce the physician’s workload-per-patient and still make sure that “Aunt Bess” participates in managing her CHF and diabetes so that she doesn’t need to show up in the ER or the Hospital quite so often. I like to think of the job, as it is currently described to me, akin to redesigning and rebuilding a bicycle while actually riding it down the road. Should be fun!

  1. Oh, Marty.. I’m rejoicing with you.. that the Lord.. I know you will offer them much out of your heart and life experiences..

    I’m so glad for you..


    And may the Lord continue to give you favor with God and man

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