Skip the 3rd-person descriptions here;  I am Marty Wenger and I founded Lifebidder.com for a purpose.  (See the Why LifeBidder ? Page)  Each person visiting this site is a welcome guest, and possibly a customer; and you deserve to know exactly to whom you are relating.

I’ve been a Registered Nurse for over twenty years.  My professional experience includes Emergency Department, Home Health & Hospice, Medical/Surgical, Telemetry, and Obstetrics.  I’ve been a Staff Nurse and a Clinical Supervisor, and have experience in both union and non-union work-places.  I’ve taught new mothers in Labor & Delivery classes, and new nurses during their educational clinicals.  As a travel nurse I’ve had the privilege of working in hospitals on both coasts of the USA, in community hospitals and university hospitals.  I’ve worked in hospitals licensed for as few as 25 beds and as many as 600 beds, in both for-profit and non-profit systems.

My wife and I have eight children, seven of whom were born to us.  Thus we’ve had ample opportunity to learn very practical and effective methods to reduce our visits to the Doctor’s Office.  Techniques and approaches to health which I espouse have developed out of a wide range of experience.  They’ve been tried & proven in the crucible of family life for over 25 years!

As a speaker, my audiences have ranged from small groups to hundreds.  Experiences in public presentation include working with dynamic translators when speaking in Argentina, where I maintain ongoing relationships.  International relationships also touch Canada, and include both aboriginal and immigrant groups.  My continuing education has included work in Murray Bowen’s family systems theory, with applications to personal and group relationships.

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