A New Beginning

Welcome to Lifebidder.com !  I am honored to receive your visit to this site with this inaugural post.  I intend for it to intrigue you enough to come back for more, and to share with your friends and professional contacts.

What can you expect?

  • Twice-per-week posts
  • Content relative to physical health, injury, and illness
  • Content relative to relationships whether personal or corporate
  • Content that may be anecdotal or evidential
  • Observations, opinions, recommendations, invitations

This is a start.  Expect changes in lay-out and design as we move forward in 2013.  One of my life-long goals is to not be bored.  In all fairness, I will do my utmost to keep you also “not-bored” when reading content here!

Thanks for meeting me on the path of living LIFE to it’s Fullest.  I trust that as the content here reaches out to touch your life, others will also be enriched as you share with them.

-Marty Wenger, R.N.



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